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I would be really greatful if you add you opinions to Attila Csihar´s work or bands which are connected to or to this website. Of course in case you have something to say to dark underground music (black metal, ambient, industrial etc.) scene also, your opinion will be mostly welcome!

Please accept my apologize for bad english.

In case you won´t fill your name, post will be ignored.

- @ will be "(at)" in G-book
10/02/2009 17:01
scott in the dark     scottinthedark (at) hotmail.co.uk        

wish attila stayed with keep of kalessen

28/01/2009 12:41
Maggot     b.zs001 (at) citromail.hu        

Csihar Attila egy legenda

11/01/2009 20:14
teanes (Hun)     teanes (at) freemail.hu        

Great page. Attila the best black metal singer

29/12/2008 18:20

Now, you can write posts!

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