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I would be really greatful if you add you opinions to Attila Csihar´s work or bands which are connected to or to this website. Of course in case you have something to say to dark underground music (black metal, ambient, industrial etc.) scene also, your opinion will be mostly welcome!

Please accept my apologize for bad english.

In case you won´t fill your name, post will be ignored.

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18/01/2010 01:30

>Korismos: I have the cd for a long time. You can search in metal e-shops.

>Ulver: Sorry, I don't have any contact on Attila.

17/01/2010 22:42
loren campbell     monsterpod2 (at) yahoo.com        

Hello from Nashville, TN. USA - I love you Atilla!!!!
Stay Evil!!!!!

13/01/2010 16:24
Ulver     ulverskog (at) post.sk        

do you have contact on Attila? Email will be enough.
I will be greatfull.

11/01/2010 00:05
Korismos     korismos (at) hotmail.com        

Hello, :
Where I can get Anno Domini Tormentor cd reissue SATURNUS PRODUCTIONS ?
What is the web?
Saturnus stand by?

PD:I am from and live in Europe.


25/12/2009 13:08
traktor     traktor (at) seno.ru        

Waiting for Mayhem in Russia!

22/09/2009 11:14
sergey     sergey_shuka (at) mail.ru        

?? ????? ??? ??? ? ?????? ?????

7/07/2009 00:24
anonymous     none        

The admosphere attila built in the show(monterrey)was overwhelming and he fucking shows the great capacity in his lungs,I was in a extatic state with the clean/operatic voice in "My Death",and the opresive feeling in "Illuminate Eliminate.Indeed a unique work in "Ordo Ad Chao",too bad for the parting of blasphemer just with a masterpiece like this one.I meet his voice from a thrakh of Annal Nathrakh and the look for the DE MIISTERIS DOM SATHANAS and the insane "man bites god" Aborim´s song.If someone is interested in the Ordo Ad Chao lyrics only go to the internet(beware?) and put the Nibiru/Reptiloid words.

18/05/2009 14:30

>Hamird: I wrote to Joar for pictures, but he did not respond. Maybe it was spam for his mailbox...

14/05/2009 15:33
Hamird     balootepir (at) gmail.com        http://hamird.tripod.com

Great page! well done. Long live the great Attila Csihar.
It would be great to add some of his latest images..

2/03/2009 17:26
Joar     balstad (at) yahoo.com        

Hi Atilla! I was fortunate enough to be standing in the ´press pit´ during your concert at Club Maiden -08, doing some fotos of you and the band. I would now like to send you these photos. Hence I need an email adress or the like for attaching the photos

best wishes from Joar

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