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19/12/2018 10:44
stelios romaliadis     petrouchka03 (at) yahoo.com        http://www.luupband.com

Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery PRESENTS:

Lüüp - Canticles of the Holy Scythe Full Album (+ more) LIVE at TEMPLE, ATHENS, GREECE

Friday 8th of February 2019

The latest album of Lüüp collective called "Canticles of the Holy Scythe" was released in December 2017 by I, Voidhanger records (Italy) (Spectral Lore, Skáphe, Howls of Ebb, ÆVANGELIST, etc.) and has received very good reviews in Greece and abroad as well as a place in the best albums lists for 2017 (Avopolis # 2, Metal Trenches # 4 innovation, RTMB # 3 experimental).

The album is a concept about the symbolism of Death through occult philosophy. A journey of understanding and reconciliation with death as a symbol of renewal. Superstitions and folk traditions are combined with the secrets of Alchemy and Hermetic Kabbalah, as well as the teachings of the occultism of the 20th century to lead to self-awareness. On Canticles of the Holy Scythe participate 18 musicians including Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and Bjørn “Aldrahn” Dencker (Dødheimsgard / Urarv/ the Deathtrip).

Lüüp will musically explore a region that may not have been explored before:

A dark music with references to 20th-21st century “classical” as composed by Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Giacinto Scelsi, György Ligeti etc. with the extremity of the black metal tradition performed mainly by a chamber orchestra (without electrical distortion, fx, pedals, etc.)

Especially for this concert Attila Csihar (Mayhem / Sunn O)) / Tormentor) will participate with the ensemble providing vocals in pieces from Canticles of The Holy Scythe album and for a collective improvisation by most participants.

Part A: Canticles of The Holy Scythe full album

Part B: collective improvisation (30 minutes)

+ Cover track “Freezing Moon” by legendary Mayhem

The line-up of Lüüp for this concert at Temple is:

- Attila Csihar (voice)

- Sofia Sarri (voice)

- Anna Linardou (voice)

- Xenia Rodotheatou (voice)

- Dimitris Kakavoulis (piano)

- Marios Dapergolas (Viola)

- Sofia Efkleidou (cello)

- Michalis Porfyris (cello)

- Petros Lamprides (double bass)

- Yannis Iliakis (percussion)

- Georgia Smerou (bassoon)

- Christina Kouki (santoor)

- Stelios Romaliadis (flute / keyboards)

PRODUCTION: Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery











20/01/2018 22:56
Veta     nicta369 (at) gmail.com        

So my english not good))))but I can thank you for your music!!!!very big Hi from Ukraine))))

8/09/2011 14:21
Cristina     delilahvintage1871(at)gmail.com        http://www.delilahvintage1871.com

Do you know people from West Haven, CT?

23/08/2011 00:04
incision     raymondchwa (at) aol.com        

this a original singer.atila does some inovative veopera
when i heard himveryoriginal.first to sing like that on cd.hissolobands which is hard to find.atila unique
his cotumesmask too!more of atila cahiar2012.mostnever
even heard of this guy sing.

15/08/2011 01:36
Jez     azrael1926 (at) googlemail.com        

A truly awful vocalist, embarrassingly poor. Sorry but I like my musicians to be talented.

23/06/2011 14:26
Kurt von Schill     kurtvonschill (at) hotmail.com        

I love Attila. Meeting this man was one of the greatest moments of my life and will remain one of my most treasured memories.
-Kurt, Australia.

29/12/2010 02:29
Marck Qisling Larss?n Vikernes     junos_ephin (at) hotmail.com        

Add nekem a válasz

29/12/2010 02:25
Marck Qisling Larss?n Vikernes     junos_ephin (at) hotmail.com        

Mayhem? mely Mayhem? Mayhem már nem létezik, a Mayhem volt holt, Euronymus, Necrobutcher és Mannheim. Továbbra is is nagyon, nagyon jó a Euronymus Entro iddiota Attila Csihar és Mayhem acabo.Yo vagyok Mayhem szeretők, de a régi Mayhem.Attila nem kell állni a jelenet, hogy nagy zenekar Attila Csihar nevű Mer halála halott halál egy sértés, hogy a MAYHEM sértés halottakért, EURONYMUS...

Mayhem... egyszerűen nem létezik


7/02/2010 00:11
Tammi     Tammi_iv (at) mail.ru        

Hi. I was quite impressed by the mood and atmosphere works

21/01/2010 02:18
Korismos     korismos (at) hotmail.com        

Hello Bubak:
What is the (concrete)web adress e-shop?
I don´t find...I can write me my email.

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