Autobiography (2003)

assistance from Greg Anderson

I started to play music in 1986 when we formed Tormentor. Tormentor become pretty famous in Hungary since we were the most extreme band there at that time. First we recorded a demo in 87 ("The Seventh Day Of Doom") from our force. We played around 100 gigs in Hungary during that period. We split in the end of 1989-90 cause of the hopeless conditions in Hungary.. Some years later our recordings had become very famous in the underground world thanx to our fans who spread low quality tapes around.. it was cool and a suprise later to hear about the very positive feed backs from many parts of the world but it was too late then.. ("Anno Domini" the debut album was released only in 95 by Nocturnal Art Productions)

Then we formed Plasma Pool in 1990-91. "Plasma Pool was influenced by the very old electro "EBM" bands like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Leather Strip.. as well by the old Current 93 stuffs. It was a very big challenge for us to make this kind of music at that time. Just think, during that time there were no computers with sampler and studio softwares as today!. We were playing extreme and dark electro music and we become famous in Hungary. It was going untill 1993............................. then I was asked by Eurnonymous to join Mayhem."

Eurnoymous, Varg Vikernes (Count Grishnack) Hellhammer and Attila recorded the De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album. Considered by many to be thee best Black Metal album of all time. The performance of Attila on that album is completely groundbreaking, and often imitated. On those recordings, Attila simultaneously created a new standard for vocalists, and established himself as thee premier Black Metal vocalist.

"After shit happened.. Mayhem was split as well as Plasma Pool, both for strange reasons. One was the murder of Eurynymous (Mayhem guitarist), while Plasma Pool was robbed by the maffia (they took our stuff).. Plasma Pool also become famous only years after when our first demo was released with some live tracks at a small Italian label called "Holocaust Records" in 95-96.."

"Then i had a break..

Between 93-98 i was busy with my family however we had some experimental projects in those years ( N.A.P. , Himalaya, ::northpole, ..). In this period I was more into ancient philosophies"

"In 1998 i returned to the extreme metal scene when i was asked to join Aborym. First i was just a guest on "Kali Yuga Bizarre" but for the second album ("Fire walk with us") I became the only vocalist since the old vocalist had left the band"

"Also in this year i appeared on one track ("From the dark Past") on a Mayhem live album called "Mediolanum Capta Est" which was recorded in Milano in the same period when i did the guest vocals for the first Aborym (this album was censored in some cuntries)."

"In 1999 i was asked to do a Mayhem cover ("Funeral Fog") with Emperor for a Tribute To Mayhem album so i went up to Norway to do that."

"Also in 1999 we recorded a new Tormentor album called "Recipe Ferrum" which was found very strange by many of our older fans. However especially in the last period i had many emails and feedbacks from fans saying that they understood its message and that they started to like it a lot. Sometimes the music needs time to find its audience.."

"In Jan. 2000 I was in Norway again, invited to the Satyricon "Roadkill Extravagance Party" and to meet my friends. That time i went down to meet with the guys from Limbonic Art and we done that track which also appears on the compilation." ("Serpently Inspired")

"Also in this year we recorded the second Aborym "Fire walk with us". It has been said it laid down new standards in Industrial Black Metal. We had problems with our label as they did a very weak promotion (they almost boycotted us !!!) so we had the rightfull attention later only in the end of 2001 thanx to our US distributor: "World War 3/ Mercenary Music" who actually made the right promotion and thanx to such great magazines like "Terrorizer", "Unrestrained"..etc. for the support! (ec we had 10/10 and album of the month almost one year after its release at Terrorizer)"

"In summer 2001 I also joined a Hungarian band called Korog for one album since i had no band here (my hometown) at that time, so it was needed and important for me to practice and rehearse periodically. In the end of this year we have recorded a 4 track demo from which actually there is one track on the compilation. ("Worshipping of Current")"

"In 2002 we recorded the 3rd Aborym album: "With No Human Intervention".

In this year I also did some guest vocals for Anaal Nathakh ("Atavism"), SUNN O))) ("Decay") and for Finnugor (is a Hun-Finn Black Metal band). Also this year we founded Professor Fate with Mick from Anaal Nathrakh, its a side thing, more for fun for the future. .... "

"2003: I put together this compilation, played some cool gigs with SUNN O))) (including the All Tomorrows Parties festival curated by Autechre) and then I was asked to do a mini 4 track Ep of Keep Of kalessin (with the guys from Satyricon)"

"Also we are thinkin to do another side project album for our pleasure called "Born to Murder this World" (w. Shane from Napalm Death, Mick from A.N., and maybe Necrobutcher from Mayhem its really not sure and under constructions) "

"You could ask why are there lots of side things?"

"First becouse i love many forms of extreme music and art. Also is just because Im filled with creative energies and since i have no any seriously working band with tours and so..etc. , i have more time to do this. (however my main goal always is to play live but it seems not easy recently)"

"Some words about my personal life: I have a family - wife with two kids, Im an electric engineer by profession, Im into high fidelity sound systems, sometimes Im working for films however recently Im workin at a sound studio here... "

I hope from this you can have a picture..

All the be(a)st!


Taken from: http://www.southernlord.com/press/attilacsihar/

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