Autobiography from year 2004


"Tormentor was my very first band. I was fifteen at the time, the youngest in the group We met eachother through school when the whole black metalmovement had just started. We were just a couple of guys who had a mutual interest in metal and realised they we wanted to do something similar: making raw metal. In those days we were very much influenced by Venom and Celtic Frost."

"Soon after we rehearsed for the first time we entered a national bandcompetition in the metal-category. We wrote two songs as fast as possible, because that was the main requirement to enter the competition: you had to have two songs to play. There were about thirty metal- and rockbands competing. Those two songs were the most extreme stuff that the jury heard that day - back metal being, after all, relatively unknown in Hungary at the time. We finished third, but of course we failed in the second round."

"By that time we had successfully introduced the band Tormentor and started playing all over the country. We did a mixture of our own material and covers from Destruction and Kreator. At the time, the punk/skin movement was coming to an end in Hungary. More and more of those punks started coming to metalconcerts: not for the music, but for the chaos. Concerts became very violent and the police did nothing. There were fights going on every night, with people beating up eachother in the crowd. Sometimes blood was flying through the air and one time a crowd even beat up our support-band? on stage! Club-owners simply did not care about the injuries as long as people kept ordering drinks. Because nobody bothered calling the police, concerts were allowed to go on and Tormentor kept getting asked back for gigs all over the country to bring chaos everywhere."

"After recording a demo in a garage with a home-made mixer, we got an offer to record a full lp. But after we gave the mastertapes of 'Anno Dominni'to the guy from the label, he disappeared! The only thing we had left was a regular tape, without a label to release it. That killed the band at the end: none of us had the will to continue after that. We were young, inexperienced and naive. We had spend a whole year writing, rehearsing and recording and still we were empty-handed. The Hungarian scene was changing a lot, too: the extreme metalbands were disappearing and were replaced by these glamrockbands. We started to hate the Hungarian metalscene, thinking that we were the only 'real' metalband left. We thought that metal was dead and decided to end the band."

Plasma Pool 1990 ? 1994

"Plasma Pool was probably the opposite kind of music to Tormentor. I got in touch with some guys from the underground technoscene when I was still in Tormentor and they played me some of the music. It was really weird but it was weird I liked it. The whole techno-movement fascinated me and I was invited to work with them. You didn't have any computers or samplers so it was all done with cheap Hungarian synthesisers. I started getting into this ambient music and I wanted to do something with it. After all, I thought that the metalscene was already dead."

"We did some shows together and that was quite extreme: demented music with satanic symbols and electro-sounds. At the same time I was discovering various drugs and experimenting a lot with marijuana and speed. Plasma Pool became very well-known and played a lot in clubs. We were a real live-band and attracted both ex-metalfans and young technokids."

"But the ending was really strange. The band split up when the drummer left the band and the keyboardplayer got into serious trouble. By the end of Plasma Pool we are all heavily into doing drugs. The drummer suddenly sold his drumkit to buy stuff. The keyboardplayer made some bad deals with the wrong people and could not pay them back. One day those guys paid a visit to him. They walked into his home, fully armed with guns and demanded the money from him. They ended up leaving him alive but taking all of his instruments and gear, so he had to stop making music. That was the end of Plasma Pool."

Mayhem 1993 - 1994

"Two years after Tormentor split up, I started hearing response from abroad. We made a couple of copies from the 'Anno Dominni'-album for a couple of friends. Some of those tapes got copied, the copies got copied and somehow the album became a hit in the international tapetrading scene? even though we weren't even aware that there was such a scene. That is how the recordings ended up in Norway with Euronymous from the band Mayhem and his recordlabel Deathlike Silence productions. He was a collector of Tormentor stuff and wanted to release the Tormentor-album.."

"Euronymous managed to reach me in 1991. I still remember his first letter to me. My stage-name in Tormentor was also Mayhem, so I thought this guy was playing a joke of me. At the same time as we were talking about releasing the album he invited me to join his band. Their singer Dead had just killed himself and apparently I was one of his favourite vocalists. He sent me some of his music and I really liked it. The music was obscure and the drumming was very intense. So I agreed to take the job."

"I took the train to Norway to record the 'Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'-cd. All of the music was written, so I only had to sing the vocals. I recorded the singing in three days on just one track. I tried to add my own stamp to the vocals, but Euronymous also gave me instructions about how to sing certain parts."

"I went back home after the recordings of the album, waiting for it to be released. That was when I heard from a friend that Euronymous was murdered. At first I didn't believe the guy, but he told me that the whole story was in the Metal Hammer. So I rushed to the store to check if it was true. When I read the article I could hardly believe my eyes. Mayhem was starting to work out really positive for everyone: we had arranged shows and were awaiting the release of the album. And suddenly the guitarist was dead. It was really shit, because Plasma Pool was in a lot of trouble also and I was really hoping to start something new with Mayhem. And it is never easy to lose a friend."

1994 - 1998

"I became very fucked up and started taking a lot more drugs after Euronymous was murdered and when Plasma Pool split up. I decided to step away from the music-scene for some time. I got married and had kids, concentrated on my job and did not find the time to be a permanent bandmember in anything. Just some projects. There never was any talk about me getting back with Mayhem. Hellhammer, who got the new line-up together, never asked me. I don't know why."

Aborym 1998 - now

"The band first contacted me to sing on a couple of songs on their debut-album. Soon after they asked me, their singer left and I got the chance to join the band permanently. That was an interesting offer for me, because the music was something exactly between Mayhem and Plasma Pool. Their experiments seemed like a new challenge to me. We have been playing together ever since and released three albums. We recently split with the label Code 666 and are now concentrating on playing live before starting to work on the fourth cd. The music can be pretty weird at times, especially for people who only know me from Mayhem and have never heard of my work with Plasma Pool. But I like to challenge myself as well as the listener."

Attila Csihar - 'The Beast' 2004

"It was my own idea to release a compilation with my work with different bands. I wanted to put something like this out for quite some time, because there is still a lot of demand for my old recordings. Also, I had some unreleased tracks, like a rehearsal with Limbonic Art and rough Mayhem-mixes that some fans might like to hear. After some time I got in contact with Cacaphonous, we released it earlier this year. As an artist it is interesting to play with many different bands and artists. This album highlights that philosophy of mine."

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