Tormentor - Anno Domini

Tormentor - Anno domini Tormentor - Anno domini

Attila Szigeti - guitar
Györy Farkas - bass
Zsolt Machat - drums
Attila Csihar - vocals

Omega II Studio, Budapest
1988 - jako demo
1995 - CD u Nocturnal Art Productions
2005 - Reedice u Saturnus Productions
old true black metal; like Bathory
  1. Introduction (instrumental)
  2. Tormentor I (the spirit of human)     [lyrics]
  3. Heaven     [lyrics]
  4. Elizabeth Bathory     [lyrics]
  5. Damned Grave     [lyrics]
  6. In Gate Of Hell     [lyrics]
  7. Transylvania     [lyrics]
  8. Tormentor II     [lyrics]
  9. Trance     [lyrics]
  10. Beyond     [lyrics]
  11. (the four horsemen of) Apocalypse     [lyrics]
  12. Lyssa (instrumental)
  13. Anno Domini


Všechny Lyrics: Tormentor
Music: Tormentor

  1. Introduction


  2. Tormentor I (the spirit of human)

    Born in
    Is the sin

    Should I
    Be good for others

    Machines creating death
    Death seas acid rain

    Everywhere I look

    Is the pleasure of human

    They're not afraid of the underwold TORMENTOR
    They thing that this world is the TORMENTOR

    In the dirty rubbish

    Death wish
    Has arrived

    Machines creating death
    Death seas, acid rain

    This world is really necrophilia and TORMENTOR
    In days this world will fall in deadly TORMENTOR

  3. Heaven

    The gate is opened up in front of us
    Let's step into the hole heaven
    Let's go! Maybe we are glad
    That the saint doesn't love us

    Beatiful girls with cast down eyes
    Grey-haired aged men sublimed
    Who are standing, sitting and lying
    Spending their paradises days

    The simple beaty
    Fascinating our eyes
    But something isn't right
    Have a look into their hellsh souls

    Their disguise fell down
    The bestial orgies are going on
    Men, women, virgins, children
    Hideous, disgusting sodomy

    The blind shining childish dream
    Uncovered by full bosoms
    Perspiring a dreams
    Fully golden dishes

    Plentiful beard nice ripper
    Adipost right fiancee
    She shows what she can but
    For the old men it isn't much

    Nectar and everything how delicious
    Vomitory into the rusty stoops
    Smelly blow is growing in dreamworld
    Gods are layng in ecstasy

    After the good feast
    The angels are flying
    The adromania
    Became infectious

  4. Elizabeth Bathory

    ...This is a story about Elizabeth Bathory
    Her blood is oursclves
    Clean Hungarian blood...

    Dark castle, occult carol sounds
    Women are crying, but they are satisfied
    Elizabeth didn't sleep tonight
    She exorcized her youth by her own eyes

    Dead girls are chaperoning her
    On her deadly magic-circle's lines
    She picks needles under the ladies' nails
    Their frosty bodies are buried alive

    Oh how I love to feel your breath
    I'd lust to be the lover of death
    Disires come true, coil players are heard
    By Elizabeth Bathory - the countess of my fire!

    You are also sacrifice
    You will give your blood
    Because she must
    Have a bath...
    "Welcome my youth
    Alike before...
    More enormous tha ever!
    By the blood, by the blood everything are cleaned...
    Oh yes I!ve got the magir... Yes I feel I fly
    I fly toward the Moon!"

    Countess it is qour night
    You are haunted by your wild desires
    Possessed by bestial lust
    You are the goddess of the love

    She's got insatiable mind
    She needs virgins blood anymore
    Her flames never die away
    She is surrounded with never fading glory

  5. Damned Grave

    The tyrant of Transylvania was terribly murdered
    He was killed by his daugter with a holy dagger
    There weren't burial, no priest, no holy water
    The lifeless body was buried in the dark forest

    His eternal dream was exhausted
    He was by himself with the beasts

    It was unworthy for the great emperor
    His resting place was loud by the howling wolves

    Byt after six days later
    The full moon has arrived

    Suddenly he felt a strange thing
    Something has changed around him
    The wolves gathered over his grave
    They scraped out of the grave where he was buried

    Suddenly his finger moved
    His breathing became moving
    His eyes opened up and seen
    Tame wolves were standing around him

    At once he appeared in all the rooms of his castle
    He waked up his daughter who die in deadly fear
    Ever since every year, in every November
    He waked up from his grave and haunt in Transylvania

  6. In Gate Of Hell

    Welcome you at the gate of hell
    Think over how you will decide
    You can read "Who enters here
    give up all your faith!"

    Faling down
    Like a stone.......down......miscreable man

    Who entered the gate is falling down
    Into empire of fire and blood
    Why did you need this you poor man
    You'd stay a god fearing man

    Falling down
    Like a stone......down......you miscrable man

    The torments of Hell are terribly horrible
    The depth digest you damned cold body
    Your blood is burning, while you're freezing
    Icy winds are bursting your face

    Falling down
    Like a stone......down.....miscrable man

  7. Transylvania

    Next to Carpathians
    Lays Transylvania
    With its beatiful forests
    And fields, and rocks, and rivers

    The grat empire of the black arts
    The ancient field of Hungarians

    With his proud history
    And dark nighmarish castles
    Defenging Europe with his
    Brave border warriors

    The great empire of the black arts
    The ancient field of Hungarians

    Elizabeth Bathory
    And the legend of Frankeinstein
    And the story of Dracula
    Vampires also came from here

    The great empire of the black arts
    The ancient field of Hungarians

    The great empire of the black arts
    The ancient field of Hungarians

  8. Tormentor II

    Death is not survival
    Your life was frail
    You always broke the laws of god

    I've got your brain 'cause
    You don't need it anymore
    Here is no what you have to think about

    Something has changed around you
    It's not that world yet
    Soon I vill meet with you

    It's too late to cry
    I'm waiting for you here
    This is the world of fallen angels
    I always hated you
    And I always helped you
    But we always were enemies

    When I was with you
    I was always against you
    And from now the inside pain will burn you

    TORMENTOR - black fire
    TORMENTOR - frosty winds
    TORMENTOR - this time
    TORMENTOR - this space
    TORMENTOR - to hear that laughing voice
    "It's a long time you'll get out from here"

    You murdered 'cause you were coward
    You were raging by me
    Why were you in lague with me
    I made you possessed

    You were good looking
    And you had all you wanted
    But those times are over
    I made you obsessed

  9. Trance

    Six men sat together

    Around hexagonal table

    They connected their hands
    Whispering incantation

    Six minutes later

    The magic circle
    Became grower

    They connected their hands
    Whispering incantation

    Their eyes closed down
    And fall into a nightmare
    They started to tremble
    They started connected
    With the aliens of Darkness
    They became possessed


    Feeling grew into horrible dream
    Soon they massacred each other

  10. Beyond

    Hideous music of the dark
    Bells sounds for me
    I stuff your nasty body
    Into the dirty hole

    There is no time for you
    You are floating towards to me on icy winds
    You howling is soundless
    Your footsteps art out of sight

    Mountains are falling down
    The sun is just a pale spot
    Behind the swirling clouds
    Three eyes are following your path

    Suddenly the black bastion
    Towering on you
    Here im waiting for you
    To let you into the empire of the nighmares


    Hideous music of the dark
    Bells sounds for me
    I stuff your nasty body
    Into the dirty hole

    Suddenly the black bastion
    Towering on you
    Here im waiting for you
    To let you into the empire of the nighmares


  11. (the four horsemen of) Apocalypse

    Six days before
    The foreboded doomsday
    Appered four
    Mounted spectre


    The four horsemen personate
    Pestilence and death
    Starvation and war
    The four servant of evil


    Oceans have
    Overlowed everything
    Clouds burst to the earth
    Earhquate begon
    Broke up the lava

    Towns were destroyed
    By the scas and lava
    Four of them
    Were standing quetly
    Watching from the sky
    What was hapenning down there

    When the last human was killed
    They have announced with
    Their bloody swords
    The deadly storm ended


    The world tooked like long before
    It was the day of the doom
    They have started their way
    Up to heaven and down to hell


  12. Lyssa


  13. Anno domini


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