Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao

Mayhem - Ordo ad chao

Blasphemer - guitar
Necrobutcher - bass
Hellhammer - drums
Attila Csihar - vocals

2007 - Season of mist
Black metal
  1. A Wise Birthgiver     [lyrics]
  2. Wall of Water     [lyrics]
  3. Great Work of Ages     [lyrics]
  4. Deconsecrate     [lyrics]
  5. Illuminate Eliminate     [lyrics]
  6. Psychic Horns     [lyrics]
  7. Key to the Storms     [lyrics]
  8. Anti     [lyrics]     [mp3]


  1. A Wise Birthgiver

    To creature give life
    Create a primitive worker
    That he may bear the yoke assigned

  2. Wall of Water

    Pillars supporting sky crumble
    Sun moon the stars pour down
    Rivers and oceans rush where the earth sinks
    Great conflagration quenched by raging flood

    North and south polars
    Screaming world
    Turning over
    Sky makes war with the earth
    Fragments fall down

    And the darkness that follows

    In great

    Tachylite lava from the abyss
    Turn into a pillar of vapour
    Great heat boil the sea
    Death of a continent

    Enormous surge of water
    Wipe out humanity

    Coming of ice
    A cataclysmic flood
    Destroys the advanced
    Mankind of high tech age

    Wall of water
    Sweep across the earth

    Wall of water
    Fossilize all

  3. Great Work of Ages

    Arrival of an achromatic mechanism
    Hidden agenda, pious fraud of ages
    Control, alteration, manipulation, antagonism

    Human abilities perish in the acid of sorcery
    Their senses turn into rusty strings
    Victimized, possessed, superhuman undead

    Shattered be the crystal of a lost civilization
    Consumed be the human brain

    And like hot sands slashing
    Across the deserts' face
    The lies whirl about the earth

  4. Deconsecrate

    Telepathic illusion injected into mass pathology
    Lies of all religions of priests
    Versions of genesis
    And non-existent prophets

    A dry silhouette of dead god

    Propelled by the
    Damaged frontal lobes
    The obtuse humans
    Roam in somnambulism
    Towards the deaf walls
    Kneel and pray to nothingness there

    As if the dead toll
    Of bloodless massacre

    Holy charisma as mind control shift
    Psychic magnetic field

    Endless emanation braindeads
    Pierced by
    Phalloid obelisks
    No one not even there
    Saviour had ever been resurrected
    Abandoned, disposed, discarded

    I order all symbols crumble
    I order the consumption of all churches

  5. Illuminate Eliminate

    Where I came from'I must return
    No more, nothing left to do
    No other mission

    Weak and devastated
    The strength had gone
    Don't want to know more
    Don't want to understand
    Lost and empty
    Only want to go, pass away
    Send the self back

    Exist here no more
    Completely nothing

    So many empty words been heard
    So many meaningless thought been received
    Whatever done equals zero times everything
    No love no hate no faith no memory

    Enter another sphere
    Complete the emptiness

    Desperately alone, fuck the race
    Wide open and passing through

  6. Psychic Horns

    Subordination to another will
    Sophisticated subtle techniques
    Mind psyche wide opened
    Stimulated triggers
    Thought forms of malevolence and fear
    In the veins of the floating genocide
    Robot of voids by ultrasonic stimulations

    Holds down the vibrational field

    Rituals take place on grid of vortex points
    Terror horror and hatred created

    Worship of deconstructive negative pole
    R-complex evolves the vril-force

    Nourishment for the non-physical forms
    To contact and manifest entities of another world

    Flying through the depths of space
    Someone's hand on the wheel
    From where the lizard eye
    Focuses the infinite line of alienation

    Enter the gate of eternal lights
    Appear another existence form
    The immerge bended into the abyss
    Inner world in the depths of the planet
    Where the inverted sun never set
    Illumination the enormous entities
    Hiding them from the human eyes
    Converse tubes to the surfaces and back
    Only certain chosen can enter

  7. Key to the Storms

    Penetrate the lions at the gates
    Illusions flow
    After the next Iron Age
    Mankind lost
    The ships of flames rise to the sky
    Annunaki on board

    Watcher searches inside the thoughts
    Inner waves corresponding outer frequencies
    Rider falls down
    The slave set free

    Unknown path
    The ways to wisdom are hidden
    Shall the speaker silence

    And the memories fade apart
    Like the new attraction of outer space

    Where the atomic corpus melts
    Beyond the source of fears

    Watcher sits on the borderthrone of insanity
    Giving solution of existence from nonsense

  8. Anti

    Spawn of annunaki, crossbreed make war
    Make war with the universe death of the planet

    Fall of an aeon
    The great work of ages

    The acid of sorcery
    Deluded versions of revelations
    The symbols repulse
    Whatever done equals zero
    Times nothing

    Completing the control of emptiness
    Enter the external lights

    The conversed tubes to the surface and beyond

    Detraction of outer space

    Nemesis of genesis


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