Limbonic Art - The Ultimate Death Worship

Limbonic Art - The ultimate death worship

Daemon - vocals, kytary
Morpheus - "elektronika", vocals, kytary

Attila Csihar - "backing" vocals in track 7

2002 - Nocturnal Art Productions
symphonic black metal
  1. The Ultimate Death Worship     [lyrics]
  2. Suicide Commando     [lyrics]
  3. Purgatorial Agony     [lyrics]
  4. Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams     [lyrics]
  5. Voyage Of The Damned     [lyrics]
  6. Last Rite For The Silent Darkstar     [lyrics]
  7. From The Shades Of Hatred     [lyrics]     [mp3]
  8. Funeral Of Death     [lyrics]


  1. The Ultimate Death Worship

    O'Darkness my master and mentor.
    Witness the blood I shed.
    Victorious dreamlike death I enter.
    Floating the streams so red.

    Destruction is the jewel of the black heart.
    To treat life as nothing holy.
    Hatred is the diamond in blasphemous art.
    As death you kiss infernally.

    Stare into the face of the creation of pain.
    Electric storming through the brain.
    Blackout, drift away and you'll see.
    Night's divine anarchy.

    In death's eternal spell you'll be.
    Awake in lucid intervals from insanity.

    Bury the life deep down in the darkness.
    Extinction of lifeforce is a worship of death.
    Suicide is true cultivation of evil.
    As the phantom of the soul is obsessed.

    Ultimate Death Worship

  2. Suicide Commando

    In the shadows of the world's ambitions
    I see life and death, in an enormous collision
    Light destroys, what dark creates

    Forever floating, the dark rivers of the heart.
    Lifeless drifting, in an orbital decay.
    A vicious circle of extinction
    The soul reaches the state oblivion

    In blackness of sorrow, the sin is immortal.
    The diamond of the heart, is pure nocturnal.

    In the deep pitch black halls of darkness.
    The cruel high-council of evil, demands self destruction.
    All the aspects of love, must be undone.
    Only then one can feel, the emptiness,
    As the cold heart reaches beyond.

    Tyrant in soul and flesh, pain is the unholy mistress.
    Rites in earthly death, for darkness you confess.
    Follow the voices of the night, in endless sleep you'll hide from light.

    Dark was the day you were born, even darker on that eve you were torn.
    (From life)
    Die in martyrium, for darkness endless mysterium.
    Die in silent spasms of screaming.
    Life is infected by no meaning.

  3. Purgatorial Agony

    Experimental malediction.
    Destructive minds.
    Seeking places no living can find.
    Awaiting darkness, transcending, venture into the night.

    I hide within places unknown,
    There was nothing else to do.
    With sorrow and hatred burning inside.
    The suffering was endless.
    Mementos undivine.
    The bleeding scenarios,
    The reservoirs of shame.
    Damned in misanthropic fires,
    The soul dwelled.

    The feelings for mankind was gone.
    And so was the values of life.
    There was only a final wish,
    Death before a living hell.

  4. Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams

    Like a nomad,
    in the subconscious realms
    Of the beyond.
    The night is old,
    Yet I still seek peace.
    Restless drifting,
    The dark corridors
    In the unknown chambers of the mind.

    Where is the door, to the light of dreams.

    Total isolation.
    Land of desolation.
    Dreamless sleeping.
    Darkness reaping.

    Deeper into the night I go.
    Darker than ever are the pits below.

    Sculptures in stone.
    Dark protectors of sacred ground
    Only the pure may enter,
    Into the twilight zone.

    With the underworld
    Subconscious darkness I am allied
    Deeper aspects, forces of nature,
    Mind can now see the unseen.
    Ancient land hidden from man.
    An esoteric dream in the desert sand.
    Shimmering sparks in the darkness.
    As death overtakes the soul.
    Loose the body, and earthly conscience.
    The freedom of the spirit must be total.

    Firewinds in shapeless forms.
    Exploding light from new dimensions.
    I am it, and it is me.
    A phantom creature.
    In supremacy.

  5. Voyage Of The Damned

    Where can we find, the wisdom we need.
    What is the cure, when the soul bleed.
    Show me the powers, that you offers me.
    But even stronger than death, it must be.

    It is so cold and dark down here,
    In this supernatural darkness.
    My mind is my asylum.
    A dungeon of tormenting silence.

    Voices, leading into the night.
    The last agony is at sight.

    Staring into blackness, beyond the heavens end
    Praying in the shadows, is death the only friend
    In ancient starlight I lay, the soul rotten from decay.
    No love was strong enough, so life drifted just astray.

    Darkness demands life, be this victim of sacrifice.
    In endless pain the soul is lost, a solitary holocaust.

    One night before the dark morning.

  6. Last Rite For The Silent Darkstar

    Feel the heartbeat of the earth,
    As you’re on the threshold to death or birth.
    Minds are tormenting, head is gone wild.
    Release yourself from what you can't abide.
    A star will also die.
    On the beautiful moonlit sky.
    As the life is ended,
    The Goddess mother weeps her child.

  7. From The Shades Of Hatred

    A thousand years time dimension
    In subconscious incarceration.
    My hatred to man, has transformed me.
    Into a habitation, for demons.
    A devil incarnation.

    In the forgotten past, ages ago, beast became
    My alter ego.

    The god in me, infernal black divinity.
    After years of agony and pain.
    Hatred is all that remain

    Into the dazzling light of the world, I proceed
    As stagnant shadows comes alive
    In stench of stone cold death I arrive

    From the shades of hatred

  8. Funeral Of Death


    Blood is dripping as mind's tripping.
    In twilight sleep death is reaping.
    Blood stained, feels cold
    In solitude as night grows old.
    Death salvation, life capitulation,
    Blood stained, feels cold, in the frozen soul.

    Desire death and you'll sink into silence.
    A terminal breath into darkened conscience
    You still exist in the void of the head.
    As everything else around you is dead.

    Time of departure
    From the depths of despair
    I seek no paradise, though the end draws near.
    It is an endless overture of my own reconstructions
    I seek no paradise, just desire the salvation

    Blood is dripping as mind's tripping.
    In twilight sleep death is reaping.
    Blood stained, feels cold
    In solitude as night grows old.
    Death salvation, life capitulation,
    Blood stained, feels cold, in the frozen soul.

    Life is a mandatory sacrifice, for the eternal dream of paradise
    Make the time stand still, as silence is the last will.


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