Aborym - With no Human Intervention

Aborym - With no human intervention

Seth Teitan 131 - guitar, sampling
Malfeitor Fàbban - bass, synth, programing, sampling
Nisrok Infernalien - guitar, synth, keyboards, programing
Attila.cs - vocals

Nattefrost - vocals in track 13; "backing" vocals: 2, 3, 7, 10
Irrumator - drums in track 13
Matt Jerman - programing and music in track 5

Temple of Noise Studios
2003 - Code 666
electro techno industrial black metal
  1. Antichristian Codec (intro)
  2. With No Human Intervention     [lyrics]
  3. U. V. Impaler     [lyrics]
  4. Humechanics - virus     [lyrics]
  5. Does not compute
  6. Faustian Spirit of the Earth     [lyrics]
  7. Digital Coat Masque     [lyrics]
  8. The Triumph     [lyrics]
  9. Black Hole Spell     [lyrics]
  10. Me(n)tal Striken Terror Action 2     [lyrics]
  11. Out Of Shell     [lyrics]
  12. Chernobyl Generation     [lyrics]
  13. The Alienation of a Blackened Heart     [lyrics]
  14. Automatik Rave'olution Aborym


  1. Antichristian Codec


  2. With No Human Intervention

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Bard "Faust" Eithun

    Imagine the godlike devil
    Representing the thesis
    Repress, redress and reform
    Still together uniform
    A new order of things is born
    Culminating in an antithesis
    Wish for a moribund equanimity
    Released from earthly emancipation

    Vivit et non vivit [he lives and he lives not]
    No truthfulness, no nothing
    It could never spare your life anyway

    Give me symbolical antidote, refresh the blood
    Daemon impetus, aria of a silent dream
    Time and being, rendez-vous the flood
    History bears witness of doctrinal screams

    Semigod; for all what it's worth
    Values; no pity, no fucking liability
    Demigod; heading towards north
    Morals; always behold the ambiguity

    Honour the siege by he
    Who's going to judge the living
    And the dead and the world by fire
    Antagonism, join the precepts of violence

    Presence of flesh, of all that I gave you
    Rotten to the core
    Would you ever ask for more?
    Vivit et non vivit [he lives and he lives not]
    With no human intervention

  3. U.V. Impaler

    Music: Aborym
    Lyrics: Attila Csihar

    Az e jszaka szulott je, a forditott let sar ja,
    A rettegett ordog, orokke ego legenda..

    The native of dragons, The leader of the wolves
    Rhadamantus tyrant, The Great Impaler Void

    He hated the lairs at all, never casigated the truth
    Slayed the rag-pickers at all, could not spare the riches too
    He nailed the hats on their heads, this way kept the traditions of his guests
    Had his feast in his forest, was made of the victims been impaled

    Az e jszaka szulott je, a forditott let sar ja.. a karoba huzo vajda!
    A szelrozsa minden iranyaba menekult volna ki merre lat.. egesd fel a csurt!

    Sad sad desinty, but their catharsis had to be done.. anyway.
    The nature always find the way to cut off what is rather like a stunt.

    Dark Majesty of all the mystics come back and visit our lands!
    They are too much, they are too sick, we need your wise instructions
    For to keep the flames and to use the pales.

    Lets burn the books, and change the churches to trainspotted ecstasy
    Parties! [We have] prepared the place just to take your fair,
    Join the digital trance! Black fashion cult in the U.V. light.
    U.V. Lord Impaler. Come back! Dark Majesty.. Visit our lands!

  4. Humechanics-Virus

    Music: Aborym
    Lyrics: Attila Csihar

    Create a real time version
    Of a new kind of chain reaction
    Clock wise different effect
    Renames the system master

    Calculated process rewrites
    The central memory
    Formatting program maximise
    The sense-fuctions
    Altering resolution generates
    Complete conversion


    Included ability of using the
    Inverse polarised gravitation
    Great adaptability to the
    Different extreme conditions
    Vision invisible option
    Supported amorphing mode

    In the fire balls of the Humechanics
    Embryonary machines been constructed
    Under the protokoll of the
    master of the reclone department

  5. Does Not Compute

    Music: Matt Jerman

  6. Faustian Spirit Of The Earth

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Bard "Faust" Eithun

    Gather your modalistic interchange ability,
    it would demandno reliability
    Holism; partly modified, partly unified
    Seems like you are subtle to the last

    Faith and honour, portrayed liike a bench
    by which slaughter is proceeded
    Insurrectonal by wrench,
    no more prosperity for you,
    it took all you ever had

    Return my Faustian Spirit of the Earth
    Grace completes nature, yet abolishes it
    It shows how you're constantly
    being on alert
    Ambiguity; like a vernacular pendulum,
    back and forth

    Redemption; you should never judge
    me and my children,
    omissioned by your failures only
    Attempting to touch your
    erroneous ideology
    For all what I am worth; return my
    Faustian Spirit of the Earth

  7. Digital Goat Masque

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    Unity of black souls,
    Speech from talent
    Shell the shadow slower,
    Returns the avatar
    Prepared for a long time,
    Since the sinking began
    The God hates the religion,
    Satan hates the God
    The meanings are going fast
    As the time is passing by
    No one can see the story
    The source of knowledge is hidden.
    Meditation on ecstasy
    I worship the knowledge,
    (behind) the digital goat masque
    All are a part of the path which is
    Shifting from life
    to join the digital Goat
    Forgotten aristocratics
    Reborn by the black bible
    Standing for the supreme joy
    Of ecstatic ocean of the goat
    Its not by the chosen blood,
    Its not by the religion
    It comes, it seeds inside,
    It comes from deep inside
    The haunting black spells,
    of them once become heard
    The eternal joy and pleasure
    will be their final fair
    Recreation comes true,
    As the battle had been done
    And when the orgasm is over
    there is nothing, nothing left
    Only the pure empty space,
    Silence of all sounds
    Surrounded by a dark industry
    a forgotten sound factory

  8. The Triumph

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    As the flies and the wilds
    gathered around Tens Horns
    The beasts from all directions
    Fell the call of their master
    The winds are changing
    The sun is staying upon
    The stars are ever glowing
    The timehad come you will see...

    Rising up the mountains,
    Churning all the oceans

    There is nowhere to hide
    The unleashed poor think they can
    Escape but there is only one way
    In fact which leads towards
    the wide opened fangs
    Made of infernal flames
    See the floating of the millions of creatures
    Towards their reconciled destiny
    And blasting all the hopes

    See what is the reality in itself:
    Everything is already dead!

    The ecstatic trance-dance of Mahakala
    Burning down the worlds
    Leading by the anger against all
    That belongs to God

    Now its time for to the world
    To see a man with opened eyes
    Now its time to realize
    We tell ourselves the best of lies
    Now its time to see the fact
    We all are the unity
    Now its time for us
    To deliberate our aim

  9. Black Hole Spell

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    Since the beginning of all
    It exists like a transparent fire
    Abiding by the doom
    An embracer pleasure is

    Incarnating now

    As a black spell from the hole of space
    Has been received by a black heart

    It is deceiving the pale-eyed bystanders
    It is dissoluting the world by the elements
    Estrangating the ones by gradation
    After all offering up them a dark cold shell
    In the anatomical ward of vivisects
    It wont take long and the Black Ruler
    Will have back what is fair
    your chilled bodies to its black ground!

    This is the eternal waving as long as the appearance
    Of the Certain Ones
    Who are proudof offeromg the device
    With clear soul and in united spirit
    For achieving the fatal destruction
    And recreation from the last Ending

  10. Me(N)Tal Striken Terror Action

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    The program is always on the fucking screen
    Robot pilots destroy the buildings
    Burning bodies jump out the windows
    The suicidal terrorist is the new idol

    Mental Terror Action
    Is the new infection
    Mental Terror Action
    Created illusion


    That program is to die
    By your own hands
    That program is to fight
    Against yourself

    Let me offer my most humble obeisance
    To the Supreme Lord of Destruction!

    Never been on the fucking Moon
    Never define the speed of light
    Atom bomb into the fucking assholes
    So many questions I haven't mentioned

    The program is shining on the fucking screen
    To be the slave of false ideologies
    Better to believe in the anti-god
    And watch everything from the inverted side

    Mental Terror Action...

  11. Out Of Shell

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    Outside of shell there is the
    Complex ability of forming the whole creations
    When you break there in your
    Material body it gets down on its knees
    The messages mentioned that there must be
    A small gate somewhere around gods ass
    Find the way to jump out of this
    Existence without priest and funeral

    Riding the Earth
    Fathom the land
    Pillars of mind,
    Give me your dream

    There will be the dark lord
    Awaiting the chosen
    Put him on his throne
    Then the circulation
    Of the cosmos
    Will have a break

    As it flashing through the sky
    All among the horizons

    It has unlimited forms as well of mercy
    So keep the life of one in a million
    To turn the wheel of cosmos through the break point
    From everything to nothing
    New visions appear on the new horizons

  12. Chernobyl Generation

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Infernalien

    Cernobyl Generation
    Murderer alienation
    Cernobyl Generation
    Ecstasy hallucination
    Cernobyl Generation
    Radioactive mutation
    Your condemnation
    Represents our domination
    Genocide scary faces
    Deturpated bodies
    While your god was sleeping
    Mine was having fun
    Green turned grey
    Grass turned salt
    Joy turned desolation
    Life turned death

  13. The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart

    Music: Aborym
    lyrics: Attila Csihar

    A rollercoaster ride to a (cold) place of death
    The utmost self-searching journey
    And I can feel it in the air
    Everything is turned upside down and inside out
    The chaotic, strangled inner glow
    From dead, empty lifeless eyes
    Snot, tears and fucking misery

    Dodens kolde satans guf's
    C jennom marg og bein. Feber I en dypf'ryst s jel
    Fra fleinsoppens og helvetes k jetting - lenker

    "et langt skritt til himmelen
    et lite steg fra helvete"

    My darkest thoughts haunt me
    (and) I am trying to hide
    but I don't know how
    twisting like a fucking worm
    I see the soul in your eyes
    I see through you...
    Distrubing flashbacks
    A rusty machine in a mechanical void

    (But the doors are still open...)
    Dodens kolde satans guf's
    C jennom marg og bein. Feber I en dypf'ryst s jel
    Fra fleinsoppens og helvetes k jetting - lenker

  14. Automatik Rave'olution Satan

    Music: Aborym



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