Ascend - Ample Fire Within

Ascend - Ample Fire Within

Gentry Densley - kytara, vokály, perkuse Greg Anderson - kytara, baskytara, vokály, syntetizátor

Attila Csihar - vokály ve skladbě č. 2
Andy Patterson - bicí (1, 2, 4, 5)
Steve Moore - trombón (č. 1, 3); syntetisátor (č. 1, 4, 5); elektrické piáno (č. 2, 3), varhany (5, 6)
Kim Thayil - kytara (č. 4)
Bubba Dupree - kytara (č. 4)
Bill Herzog - perkuse (č. 4); zvonkohra (č. 5)
Don Mcgreevy - perkuse (č. 4)
Randall Dunn - perkuse (č. 4); dechy (č. 4)
Gentry Densley - sitera (č. 4, 6); vokál (č. 4, 6); perkuse (č. 4); kytara (č. 5, 6)
2008 - Southern Lord
doom/drone metal
Seznam skladeb:
  1. The Obelisk of Kolob
  2. Ample Fire Within     [text]
  3. Divine     [text]
  4. V.O.G.     [text]
  5. Her Horse Is Thunder
  6. Dark Matter     [text]


  1. The Obelisk of Kolob

  2. Ample Fire Within

    There's ample fire within
    to spread through wire so thin
    they cut the world into kindling

  3. Divine

    In dreams I dream like Daniel
    In color and intense
    These dreams I dream of lions
    and with alarming frequency

    With teeth and nail and steely eye
    They rip my flesh take me inside
    Wherein there bones I now preside
    Ruling the Divine

    In dreams there are two eagles
    with wingspan over nine feet wide
    these eagles they see the lions
    and with a piercing frequency

    one shrieks and rakes his face and eyes
    one swoops and comes around from behind
    with his six inch talons in lion spin
    they take him down but I'm still crowned
    Ruling the Divine

    ...and now their boens are all alone
    and who should come to claim the throne
    but king of carrion, the crow
    his darkness grows, as he
    licks the skeletons white and gleam
    ensanres my soul in shiny beak
    where in the black I now preside
    Ruling the Divine

  4. V.O.G.

    the sea is full of monsters
    as are the mountains
    the deserts are full of death
    from canyon to steppe
    the valley is full of skulls
    picked clean by monsters
    God only knows why
    how we made it this far

    the oceans teem with monsters
    the islands are filled with fire
    the sky is full of hunters
    in every forest, nook, and crag
    [every lake and bog and cave]
    there's monsters, monsters, monsters
    waiting with baited breath
    the desert is full of death
    the sea is full of more than we can fathom
    God only knows
    how we made it this far
    Everybody knows
    we must be monsters, too

    The Earth is filled with Dragons
    Their Blood pumps with Magma
    They fill the sky with Ash
    and thick Volcanic Fog
    Hell if I know
    how we made it this far
    God only knows
    we must be monsters, too

    we made it this far

    we must be monsters, too

  5. Her Horse Is Thunder

  6. Dark Matter

    feeling the motion of the earth
    the bright pearls of the comet exploding

    her body pulled apart into
    clusters of fire
    drifting too near Jupiter

    all this being spun running nowhere
    through the emptiness of space
    always to rise, soar, falter, fall, disappear

    [shoemaker-levy 9: This is the comet which orbited, fragmented, and finally crahsed into Juptier in 1995...the disruption of a comet into multiple fragments is an unsual event, the capture of a comet into an orbit about a planet is even more unusal, and the collison of a large comet with a planet is an extraordinary, millennial event.]

    feeling the movement of the earth
    [beneath his feet]
    the bright pearls of the comet exploding.
    [in his mind]

    always to rise, soar, falter, fall disappear

    "God is himself the Dark Matter,
    Swallows them up"

    [the dark matter of the universe]

    thorns upon his brow
    horns adorn his crown
    spines ascend his back
    let your jaw retract and wallow

    [such is the blackhole of the human soul]


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